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EU stops sale of incandescent lamps

The EU has stopped the sale of incandescent lamps since Dec.31, 2012. Finally, the green energy program that has been in the works for five years has been implemented.

The incandescent bulb, invented at the end of the 19th century, has always been a leading role in the market of lamps. However, the bulb wastes energy and results in more CO2 emission. According to research, the incandescent bulb features a low level of energy efficiency, with less than 15 percent of its energy being used for lighting, and the rest all being turned to thermal energy.

As early as in March, 2007, the European Commission had set a timetable to phase out the bulb.

However, the energy-saving lamp also has some shortcomings, thus resulting in a number of consumers being reluctant to abandon using the traditional bulb. For example, the energy-saving lamp would need a few minutes to light up gradually, differing from the incandescent lamp in light color. What’s more, the price of the lamp is a little bit higher, though with longer working life. Additionally, the scrap energy-saving lamp cannot be discarded carelessly as it contains toxic mercury, and should be specially recycled.

Currently, in addition to the European Union area, other countries including Japan and Australia have also announced the same policy.

Source: en.gmw.cn
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