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Migrant children to be grouped for college entrance exam: experts

Migrant children could be classified into four categories based on how long they have been educated in places outside their registered residences, experts and scholars said at a recent symposium held by the Beijing Municipal Commission of Education on its college entrance exam policy for migrant children. 

The policy should be in accordance with the principle of balancing educational resources in a fair way, which is made more difficult by the resource and environment carrying capacity of Beijing. Equal right to education and enrollment for migrant children is an important constituent of their livelihood. To ensure the right, the interest of disadvantaged groups should be taken into full consideration, experts said. 

According to the participants, the qualification to the rights should be cumulative in terms of time span, which may include residential and schooling period in Beijing. To be specific, it can be classified into four categories, scoring higher the longer they stay in Beijing. This method is applicable to other places with time span different. 

Series of symposiums have been held thus far to seek advices from the society since the Beijing Municipal Commission of Education has made a public announcement in October to finalize the new plan for its college entrance exam policy. 

About 400,000 migrant children studied at primary and middle schools in Beijing last year. Only about 10,000 stayed there to study at senior high schools, according to a report by China Daily in November.

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