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National college English test adopts cheat-proof measure

BEIJING, Dec. 19 (Xinhua) -- Different exam papers will be handed out for the first time at the National College English Test in a bid to prevent cheating, the Ministry of Education (MOE) announced Wednesday.

According to statistics, 9.38 million people will sit Saturday's examination.

The biannual College English Test, better known as the CET, is a national English-as-a-Foreign-Language test in China.

The purpose of the CET is to determine English proficiency of undergraduate students in China.

The CET consists of the non-English-specialized "Band 4" (CET-4), in which certificate holders have reached the English level for undergraduate students that are not majoring in the language. Also, the "Band 6" (CET-6), in which the certificate holders have reached the English level specified for those pursuing post-graduate degrees in fields other than English.

The tests include listening, reading and writing.

In China's universities, CET-4 or CET-6 is a requirement for university students applying for higher education.

Many universities will not let a student graduate without obtaining such a certificate, and it is also a prerequisite for those entering the job market.

The MOE also published Wednesday a telephone number for the public to report any cheating they discover during the national entrance exam to graduate school, with the test scheduled from Jan. 5 to 7.

The ministry said it will crack down on illegally obtaining and disclosing exam contents, producing and selling cheating devices, organized cheating and spreading exam-related rumors.

The MOE requires those sitting the exam for graduate school entrance to be honest. It said those who cheat will have their personal files smeared and be punished and could be disqualified from the exam for three years.

Source: news.xinhua.net
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