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Cangshan district to advance 124 key projects

Fujian Province

In 2012, Cangshan district will accelerate its work on 124 key projects and try to realize an annual investment of 17 billion yuan in new construction ventures.

The district’s plans include the construction of large-scale commercial projects, such as Red Star International, the Haixi International Logistics and Trade Mall, the Cross-Straits Medical Complex and Zhonggeng Hotel.

Cangshan will invest heavily in creative enterprises through such ventures as the Juyuan Fashion Design Creative Industry Park, the Chunlun Jasmine Tea Creative Industry Park, the Yantai Moutain Bridgehead Creative Industry Park and the Fuzhou Cross-Straits Creative Industry Park. Additionally, the district will build more cross-Straits creative industry demonstration bases.

In terms of quality-of-life projects, Cangshan district will accelerate the construction of low-income housing this year. According to requirements, Cangshan will start construction this year on more than 10,700 apartments with a total combined floor space of 1.22 million square meters. Of those, nearly 7,000 will be finished by the end of 2012, adding a total of 790,000 square meters of apartment space. It is estimated that 7,470 apartments, with a total combined space of 700,000 square meters, will be granted to qualified residents before late 2012.

Changshan will also speed up construction on education infrastructure. The first phase of construction on the Puxin Indemnificatory Apartment Primary School and the Lulei Primary School projects, which have a total investment of 81.75 million yuan and an area of 4.58 hectares, has passed preliminary inspections, and the schools will go into service this year. The two primary schools can accommodate 3,000 students.

The construction of the foundations for the Huangshan Indemnificatory Apartment Primary School, Jinshan Sanqi Primary School and Cangshan District Fourth Central Primary School has been completed. Construction will also begin this year on the Fuwan Indemnificatory Apartment Primary School, which will have an area of about 2.47 hectares and require a 195.61 million yuan investment.

Source: China Daily

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