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Taiwan Chinese Orchestra Concert Performs in Beijing

The Taiwan Chinese Orchestra Concert was performed at the concert hall of the National Centre for the Performing Arts on Oct 13, 2011. The concert was part of the One Hundred Concerts of Chinese Music project.

Conductor: Su Wenqing

Su Wenqing is an outstanding contemporary composer and conductor. He creates a lot of work, including religious music, traditional music, stage plays, musical play, large-scale ballet and film music. His works are embodiment of his experience and feelings of life, music and religion. The fresh style, graceful melody and rich musical connotation represent the separation from tradition in the music interpretation and appreciation of the traditional and innovative beauty through human body. His works like Swallow, The Garden after Rain, The Cowherd and the Weaving Maiden, Capriccio Taiwan and Song of South China, etc are popular tracks of national Chinese orchestras in Asia. The albums Deer of Nine Colors and Cloud Boy won the Golden Tripod Excellent Record Prize of Information Bureau in 1988 and 1989.

The symphonic poem called Tzuhu Spring made by Su Wenqing in 1986 obtained the China Arts Medal and the National Music Composition Award. In 2002 the Capriccio Taiwan and the album Swallow were nominated for the Thirteenth Golden Melody Award Best Composer and Best Album Award for National Performance. In January 2005 he directed the National Symphony and Orchestra of Chinese Music Department of Tainan National University of the Arts in Tainan County Cultural Center and Taipei National Concert Hall to perform eight symphonic poems like Wind Story and works of the new album. He has been selected twice as the Distinguished Alumni on the 50th anniversary celebration day of National Taiwan University of Arts in 2005.

Su Wenqing not only makes outstanding contribution to the music composition, but also presents superb performance as a conductor. Thanks to his unique insights into musical interpretation, the orchestra under his leadership exudes passion and vitality. Since 1985 he has directed a number of professional orchestras like Taipei Municipal Orchestra, Experimental Orchestra of the Ministry of Education, Experimental Orchestra of Kaohsiung, Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra and Beijing Central Nationalities Orchestra. His talents as a conductor are highly acclaimed in the musical circle both at home and abroad.

In 1994 he founded and headed Su Wenqing Chamber Orchestra as a conductor. The orchestra has been invited to more than fourty countries in South America, North America, Central America, Europe, Oceania and Asia for visiting performance and greeted with warm welcome and great appreciation.

Presenter: Taiwan Chinese Orchestra

With the tide of globalization, Taiwan Chinese Orchestra devotes itself to producing new works to promote Taiwan's traditional music, and passing on Taiwan's aesthetic taste in its performances. The goal of Taiwan Chinese Orchestra is to promote Taiwan's traditional and modern music and enhance the beauty of Taiwan with rich traditional music. Taiwan Chinese Orchestra is subordinate to the Preparatory Office of the National Headquarters of Taiwan Traditional Arts under Council for Cultural Affairs. The predecessor of Taiwan Chinese Orchestra is Art Academy Experimental Chinese Orchestra founded by the Ministry of Education in 1984. Guidelines for developing the Experimental Chinese Orchestra were passed by the Council for Cultural Affairs in 1990, and the Taiwan Chinese Orchestra was officially founded in March 2008.

Taiwan Chinese Orchestra absorbs both Taiwan's traditional folk traditions and modern music. It integrates various kinds of factors including drama, dance, art, poem and literature, and showcases its multiple art forms to create a new image of Chinese traditional music in the contemporary era. Taiwan Chinese Orchestra has had its performances selected as "Top 10 annual shows" of Taishin Arts Award. In 2011, Taiwan Chinese Orchestra won the Best National Music Album Award (Four Seasons of Taiwan) and Best Album Packaging Award (The Joyful Taiwan) at the 22nd Traditional Arts & Culture Gold Melody Award ceremony.

Moreover, Taiwan Chinese Orchestra spares no efforts to promote community culture and traditional music. It organizes performances in communities and charity tour shows every year to enrich people's life with traditional music. Taiwan Chinese Orchestra also serves as a national culture envoy and has given performances in Europe, America and Asia. Its performances have impressed people in many big cities including New York, Vienna, Paris, Budapest, Kuala Lumpur, Beijing, Shanghai and Nanjing.

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