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Shenzhen Concert Hall is one of the most important cultural architectures

Shenzhen Concert Hall is one of the most important symbolic cultural architectures in Shenzhen. Located in the central area of Futian District, it has convenient transportation, with the relevant ancillary services and equipments well found around . To its north it lies the beautiful Lianhua Hill and Shenzhen Municipal Government to its south. It covers a surface area of 26,345 square meters and a construction area of 41,423 square meters. The architecture is designed by Arata Isozaki, a famous Japanese avant-grade architect, who enjoys a reputation in the international construction field. With elegant and unique architectural style, the exterior wall has five colors, yellow, red, cyan, white and black, containing the symbol of the traditional Chinese concept of five elements, to fully integrate the cultural appeal of the East and the West.

Symphony Hall

The Symphony Hall is designed according to the manner of canyon terraced field. Mainly used for symphony, the total surface area is 2,323 square meters. In the middle is the Island Shape Stage, which covers 251 square meters; the width of the stage door is 21 meters and the depth is 16 meters. It can hold a symphony orchestra of four -- barrel establishment and a combined chorus of 200 performers. The performing platform is composed of a fixed stage and 36 elevator platens. The stage can be lifted and and lowered to different heights according to the requirements of the orchestra for the position of various kinds of instrument facilities, which fully meets the needs for the different arrangement of the orchestra and big chorus.

There are 1,680 seats in the Symphony Hall. It's worth mentioning that the row distance is 1.05 meters, which is wide and comfortable. The row distance of the 60 VIP seats is as wide as 1.3 meters, which is rarely seen around the world. With these human-based designs in every detail, the audiences are relaxed both physically and mentally while enjoying the performance.

The architectural acoustics is designed by Toyota Nagata Acoustics; the reverberation time is designed as 1.8 -- 2.0 seconds. Every auditorium is surrounded by reflection wall boards, which cooperate with the sound reflection board on the top to achieve a perfect natural sound effect. The Symphony Hall mainly focuses on original voices. In order to meet the needs of other types of performances, an auxiliary electric audio system is specially designed by famous international proffessionals for sound amplification.

This organ was made-to-order for Shenzhen Concert Hall by Austrian Riegel Pipe Organ Factory which has 150 years of history. The organ body altogether has 86 stops and 6,432 pieces. The shape of the organ body is tailor-made by pipe organ designers and engineers for the Shenzhen Concert Hall.

The Theater Studio

The Theater Studio locates at the top of the audience entrance hall, with the venue hanging at 14.4 meters height in the air. The total surface area is 629 square meters. The auditorium is divided into three layers, and the stage of the Theater Studio is composed of 20 elevator platforms and 2 vehicle-carrying rotating facilities. With an out-stretching dynamic design, the biggest surface area is 169 square meters, among which the area for mobile stage is 112 square meters.

The Theater Studio is suitable for all kinds of music performances as well as other artistic forms.

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