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Originality Warehouse

Location: No. 181 Guangfu Rd.
Building area: over 20,000 m2
Number of enterprises that have settled in: more than 20
Urban design; Architecture Design; Environmental Art Design

The Originality Warehouse used to be the warehouse of four banks before 1949 - the Jincheng Banking Corporation, the Salt Industry Commercial Bank, the Continental Bank and the China and South Sea Bank. It is a six-storey reinforced-concrete building built in 1913. The Sihang (four banks) Warehouse became a symbol of patriotism during the Second Sino-Japanese War because Commander Xie Jinyuan and his men defended to the death against Japanese forces. In 1985, Wang Daohan, the then mayor of Shanghai, inscribed “Shanghai Sihang Warehouse” for the place.

In 1999, architect Liu Jidong returned from the US. He set up his design studio at the site of Sihang Warehouse, and renamed it “Originality Warehouse”. The present Sihang Warehouse, still bearing a historical appearance, presents an utterly different room of modern art with black stairway, crisscross wire ropes and succinct lines behind the black iron door. Tenants of the 12,000 m2 warehouse are a dozen creative design companies, most of which are originality studios with overseas backgrounds that mainly engage in city planning, architectural design and environment art. It is the historical elements of the warehouse that they value. The historical and cultural details and imaginary space of the ancient warehouse can promote inspirations, and help tenants display their individual cultures as well. The warehouse owns creative elements that office buildings and compartments are short of. Besides, a lot of companies choose the warehouse for some cultural and commercial activities, such as promotion fair of English fashion brands, the party of Cheers and release conference of Disney children’s clothes

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