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Achieve poverty

From financial crisis in Southeast Asia to the European debt crisis, every seemingly-regional financial shock has led to a longtime worldwide economic storm in the global age without exception. Throughout human history, it is easy to find that there are some faint convergence rules and worthwhile experience in these economic crises occurred in different regions and different times. Achieve poverty, written by a new scholar Sun Xiaoyi, demonstrates such an idea. The subtitle "Deceit and Scandal behind the South Bubble in 1720" refers to the financial speculation events in early ages of human economic history. Seemingly irrelevant to us today, the book offers us some thoughtful ideas hidden in the lines. "Such a professional topic could become comprehensible and interesting for common readers in the author's vivid narrative," economist Liang Xiaomin said. Of course, "popularity" would not be identified with "fiction". Actually, the book is based on solid and rigorous materials, as we can see the bibliography in this popular economic book is as long as those in professional economic writings.

Source: en.gmw.cn
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