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“Creative Hangzhou” becoming city’s new name card

The recently released “2013 Mainland Chinese and Taiwanese Cities’ Cultural Creative Industry Competitiveness Survey Report” shows that Hangzhou ranks the fourth after Beijing, Shanghai and Taipei in terms of the cultural creative capacity, indicating the city’s cultural creative vitality and huge development potential.

Economic power makes a city strong, while cultural strength makes it great, and this report is dedicated to introducing cultural creative competitiveness of the aforementioned cities, said Chen Liheng, president of the Cultural Creative Industry Association of Asia Pacific, which started releasing this report in 2011 and gets credit for this from experts and cultural creative workers from across Taiwan Straight.

The research sample in this year’s report increased from 36 to 42, among which 35 are from mainland China and seven from Taiwan. The survey consists of “cultural hard power” and “cultural soft power” investigations. Specifically, hard power refers to the cities’ competitiveness, including infrastructure, finance, cultural creative & generation strength; soft power is embodied in six aspects, namely, cultural traditions, cultural supportive degree, cultural convergence, cultural creative power, cultural development potential and cultural influence.

Hangzhou’s cultural power has been recognized by the experts, ranking behind Beijing and Shanghai among all Chinese cities. Interestingly, this survey result was echoed by a list released by Creative and Cultural Industries Times in China (ccitimes.com). The list of “2012 Top 10 Influential Cultural Creative Cities in China” also placed Hangzhou behind Beijing and Shanghai.

The city’s five major projects that are aimed to promote Hangzhou’s well-famed people, well-preserved gardens, famous enterprises, choice products and well-known brands have greatly facilitated the expansion of the city’s cartoon & animation industry, design service industry and modern communication industry. Hangzhou entered the global cultural creative network in 2012, becoming the first “capital of handicrafts and folk arts” in China.

Total added value derived from the city’s cultural creative industry amounted to CNY 74.33 billion in the first three quarters of 2012, up 14.3% YoY (up 14.1% YoY in the first three quarters of 2011) and accounting for 13.5% of the city’s total GDP in the same period (the figure was 12.4% in the first three quarters of 2011). In the first three quarters of 2012, the city’s GDP rose 8.1% YoY, and total added value from the city’s service industry rose 9.1% YoY during the same period.

Source: Hangzhou China
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