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Rare Wang Xizhi replica found in Japan

A Tang dynasty replica of Wang Xizhi\'s work in Ja

A Tang dynasty replica of Wang Xizhi\'s work in Ja

Wang Xizhi has been hailed as the most famous calligrapher in Chinese history. Living in the 4th century AD, he has been referred to as the "Saint of Calligraphy". His work, "Preface to the Lanting Collection", is arguably one the most classic pieces of calligraphy. Recently, a Tang dynasty replica of Wang Xizhi's work was found in Japan. And it has caused quite a stir among traditional culture aficionados.

According to Japan's NHK TV station, Wang Xizhi's original works no longer exist. The only remnants we can see now are all replicas. A piece belonging to a private collector is believed to be a replica from the Tang dynasty. The rare artefact is thought to have been brought to Japan by ambassadors from China during the 7th to 9th century.

Wang Xizhi's calligraphy is greatly influential in both China and Japan. Documents related to Wang have been designated as national treasures in Japan, while his calligraphy is used in copybooks in many Japanese schools.

Source: Ecns.cn
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