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The 4th Cross-Straits Cultural Expo in Xiamen City Opens

In anticipation for the 4th Cross-Straits Cultural Expo in Xiamen City, Fujian on Oct 28, the Organizing Committee held a news conference on Sept 22 as a public introduction.

The 4th Cross-Straits cultural expo is co-hosted by the Fujian Provincial People's Government, China Friendship Association of Cultural Circles, The Chinese Association for Radio, Film & Television Exchanges, The Publishers Association of China, Xiamen Municipal Government under the direction of Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council PRC, The Revolutionary Committee of the Chinese Kuomintang, Ministry of Culture of the PRC, The State Administration of Radio, Film & Television, General Administration of Press and Publication of the PRC. The theme of this year’s expo is “passing down legacy with creativity”. While a primary goal is to put The Western Taiwan Straits Economic Zone Development Project into practice, this cultural event also aims to highlight business exchanges between mainland China and Taiwan. A leading role in the cultural expo, cultural enterprises will show a burgeoning industry featuring cultural exchange and development. The cross-straits cultural expo is expected to serve as a pivotal platform where cross-straits business will flourish.

According to Zang Jiebing, deputy mayor of Xiamen City, with 1,800 independent exhibitions in an area of 40,000 square meters in Xiamen International Conference & Exhibition Center, the number of exhibition sections and the area of the main exhibition center have both increased by 25 percent compared to that of last year. Today, 336 companies in Taiwan have signed up for the exhibition and have booked 512 exhibition sections. The number of Taiwan participants will likely account for about 30 percent of all companies.

There will be four major activities at the expo: the opening ceremony, the trade fair, the city conference and other relevant events. Advance in the culture industry will be displayed through creative designs, digital media, animated works and products of new media. The purposes of the shows are to boost trade in digital-cultural products or services and to lure investment into new industries.

In total, 13 special exhibitions --- including The Western Taiwan Straits Economic Zone Exhibition, Taiwan Exhibition, Hong Kong Exhibition and Macaw Exhibition --- will be held at the main exhibition hall. Meanwhile, additional venues for display are located in Si Ming District, Hu Li District, Ji Mei District, and Hai Cang District, where visitors can see works of interior design, antique collections, and stone artifacts. There will also be street markets for original designs and a culture festival on the beach.

Ever since the debut of the Cross-Straits Cultural Expo in Nov 2008, 329 business deals worth 24.475 billion RMB have been signed during the expos. The annual growth rate is 21.76 percent. The 7th Cross-Strait Book Fair, which aims to strengthen cultural communication by book exchange and cooperation in the publishing industry between the mainland and Taiwan, is also scheduled to kick off in Xiamen while the cultural expo is running.

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