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"City Lights" brightens 2010 Expo

There's a different collection of voices to be heard in the documentary film called "City Lights

There's a different collection of voices to be heard in the documentary film called "City Lights", which is one of the two official films of the Shanghai World Expo. The film had its first public screening over the weekend at the Beijing College Student Film Festival. Now, let's take a closer look at the premiere that was held at Beijing Normal University.

"City Lights" is based on the themes of city, life, and people. Over one-and-a-half years, the documentary was filmed at several cities in and outside China including Beijing, Lhasa, Suzhou, Hamburg, Oslo, and Casablanca. Chronically, the film also records some big events involving the Shanghai World Expo since September 2008. Despite its limited length, the 80-minute film is an attempt to tell the stories of people who have made great effort in support of the Expo.

Zhou Yaping, Director of "City Light", said, "The key words of the film are city, life, future, and dreams. For me, the light of a city is civilization, and culture. But none of it would exit without people. As time goes by, it is civilization or culture that lightens a city."

"City Lights" will be broadcast on Thursday on the film channel of China Central Television. The other official film "Shanghai 2010" will shoot throughout the event and will be released next year.



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