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Pianist Li Yundi released Chopin nocturnes

In London, Li Yundi, an accomplished young pianist from China, is releasing the "Complete Nocturnes of Chopin," to mark the 200th anniversary of the Polish composer's birth. The series is Li's first collaboration with music company EMI.

Recording work on "The Complete Nocturnes" wrapped up at the end of last year. Commenting on his latest endeavor, Li Yundi says the style might not be as diverse as that of a live concert, but concentrating on Chopin's famed pieces has given him a deeper understanding of the Romantic musician.

Li Yundi releases the "Complete Nocturnes of Chopin" to mark the 200th
anniversary of the Polish composer's birth.


Li feels he now has much greater confidence when it comes to balancing the technical virtuosity, and poetic passion, in the legendary composer's music.

Li said, "The music in the collection was written by Chopin throughout his lifetime. These pieces are representative of the composer's style. The music is lyrical, and full of beauty. It's also quite easy to understand. The pieces are very accessible to listeners."

Li Yundi began learning the piano at the age of seven. It didn't take long for him to impress observers with his talent. In 2000, he debuted on the world stage at the International Chopin Piano Competition in Warsaw. Just 18 years old at the time, he was the event's youngest winner ever.

Thanks to his strong combination of skill and dedication, many critics say it will be impossible for Li to hide his shining light under a bushel of anonymity. Considered one of the next great maestros, he is anticipating a very enduring and prominent career.

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