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Leading film director's photographic works displayed at UCCA

Leading film director's photographic works displayed at UCCA

Film director Zhang Yuan recently snapped a photo series of 10 youngsters from the post-'80s generation, which are now on display at UCCA.

"They have attractive stories," Zhang said. "Their aesthetics stands for the young generation."

Named "Unspoiled Brats," the portraits, each accompanied with a video of the subject's monologue, reveal the living condition and the inner world of the generation. They all live in Beijing without registered permanent residence permits and work temporary jobs, but they insist on living in the city with their creative minds and unconstrained emotions.

"Zhang Yuan, like in his film Beijing Bastard, again rejuvenates our attention and perception of cultural vitality in contemporary Chinese society," said Jerome Sans, curator of the UCCA.

Malaysian-Chinese creates 'Gone with Wind'


A dilapidated piano, closet and car now sit on top of the columns of UCCA. From the ceiling, hanging fans slice through them.

H. H. Lim, a Malaysian-Chinese artist, used painting and installation to criticize the consumerism in modern society. His conceptual art is on display in the middle room of UCCA.
By Wu Jin
China.org., March 17, 2010

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