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Jay Chou comes back to music scene

Jay Chou attends a commercial event in Shanghai on

Taiwan's multitalented superstar Jay Chou, who was in Shanghai on Monday for a commercial event, revealed his 2010 work plan – album, concerts and no movie.

The king of Mandopop said his new album is expected to be released in May and will feature Jay Chou-style love songs, according to a report on qq.com.

Chou will also begin a concert tour this year, starting with a three-night gig in the Taipei Arena in early June. He will move to the Shanghai Stadium on June 25. As for the Hong Kong leg, Chou said he hopes he can break his own record of a seven-night run.

"Some veteran singers performed in the Hong Kong Stadium for 10 to 20 consecutive days," Chou said. "I want to challenge myself."

According to a post on Chou's Chinese fansite, the road show will cover about 20 Asian cities, including Xiamen, Chengdu, and Singapore. The final itinerary still needs official confirmation.

Chou said he has no plans to star in a movie at the moment, as he was mainly involved in filming last year. He starred in the adventure romance comedy "The Treasure Hunter" and directed and acted in his first TV series "Panda Man."

He also made his first attempt to make it in Hollywood by starring in Columbia Pictures' new film version of "Green Hornet" which is scheduled for release on December 22 in the United States

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