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Tianjin C92 Creative industrial park

Tianjin C92 Creative industrial park

Chocolate Museum, hand-painted furniture, hand-painted decorations…all in the C92 Creative industrial park, attracting all the presents. Tianjin C92 Creative industrial park is the first Creative industrial park in Tianjin, which is located in No.92, Changjiang Road, transformed from an old factory to be a new cluster, opened in Octomber last year, has now attract more than 60 merchants like “Chocolate Museum” and so on.

By now, C92 has play the function of information,entertainment and service into one role,

and will attract creative industries like interior designer, Industrial Design, Dress designing and exhibitation, Software development, network technology and carton design constantly.

Published: 3:05 PM Urban Express 25 Feb 2010.

Source: Tianjin C92 Creative industrial park
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