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Star playwrights launch Wuzhen Theater Festival

While most people were recently enjoying their New Year's holiday, art promoters didn't take a moment's rest. Some already have plans for the Year 2013 in mind. On Sunday, three big names in China's theatre scene showed up at 798 Art District to announce their latest blueprint: a theatre festival in Wuzhen.

Wuzhen, a historic town located in northern Zhejiang Province known for its canals, stone bridges, wood carvings and blue printed fabrics, is now expecting a clash between tourists and theatre aficionados.

Beijing-based actor-and-producer Huang Lei, and experimental theatre director Meng Jinghui collaborated with award-winning Taiwan playwright Stan Lai, and have spent three years making their dreams come true.

Meng Jinghui, director & Co-founder of Wuzhen Theater Festival, said, "Wuzhen is so cozy and mellow that once you're there, you never want to leave."

We had the idea of founding a theatre festival in Wuzhen a few years ago, but we've been busy with our own businesses. Now it's the time to make it happen. We'll bring in world-class stage productions, and make it more international in the future."

The "three musketeers" released their self-produced promotional video for the festival, each in their own style, to attract drama lovers and interested tourists. But that's not the only catch. The headlining event of the upcoming festival will establish an open competition for young talents, and invite the top 12 of all to come and perform at the occasion.

Huang Lei, actor & co-founder of Wuzhen Theater Festival, said, "Picture this: you're wandering on the alleys of Wuzhen, and you meet big shots like Robert Brunstein and all the participating actors; We'll give you a free pass to all theatres, you can watch all the shows you want, and talk to your counterparts. That's what you'll get if you win the Young Talent Competition. We'll do all we can to support you."

However, in a town famous for its tourism industry, the theatre festival may be affected by the huge crowd in early summer. But Stan Lai sees it as a great challenge.

Stan Lai, playwright & co-founder of Wuzhen Theater Festival, said, "What we call 'creativity' is the bridge between completely different ideas. The best thing always happens when different ideas collide. People wouldn't expect that Wuzhen is to hold a theatre festival because it's a famous tourist destination... we're creating something people have never seen before. And let's see if it works."

The first ever Wuzhen Theatre Festival is set to open on May 9th this year, and will last for ten days. Both brand new theatres and refurbished ancient stages will be ready to meet theatre fans from all over the globe, and a well-designed ticket system will come into service as well.

Source: Ecns.cn
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