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Custom-made TV dramas popular in China

Recently, customized TV series have become popular among Chinese viewers. This means that TV stations can participate in the whole TV drama production, sharing the benefits and risks with producers.

Media analysts say this has led to greater professionalism and quality programming. Let’s find out more about the pros and cons.

Custom-made TV dramas are becoming a favourable choice for the majority of Chinese TV stations. This new type of drama allows TV stations to participate in writing scripts, choosing topics and picking actors.

The first customized TV series, "Yangguang’s Happy Life" made for Tianjin TV, is a successful example.

Kong Lingquan, director of Tianjin TV, said, "Firstly, comedy is Tianjin TV’s favourite, and secondly, the cost of customized TV series is more reasonable. That’s why we like it."

For producers, the broadcasting platform can be guaranteed by making customized TV dramas.

Liu Yanjun, producer, said, "Customized TV series are made for TV stations specifically, and they participate in the making of TV dramas from the very beginning, so we won’t worry about its release and costs."

And for audiences, customized TV dramas bring them multiple choices, instead of watching the same TV series on every channel.

Qi Xing, director, said, "TV stations know audiences better than us. We should open our minds and introduce new mechanisms. "

So far, more than a third of TV dramas are custom made. Higher audience ratings is the reason behind the rising number. However, not every customized TV series is the "magic weapon." Considering the investments and risks, TV stations are not willing to make high-budget dramas. So to some degree, it confines the production of classics.

Kong Lingquan said, "TV stations undertake more risks by making customized TV dramas. So most of custom-made TV series are low-budget productions. None of the stations dare to make TV dramas like Chinese classics "Three Kingdoms" or "The Water Margin."

Analysts say that although there are more customized TV series on screen, it will not become the bulk of the market. But as a supplement, it opens a new way of TV series production, and makes our TV screens more colourful and interesting.

Source: CNTV

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