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Ashkenazy conducts in London

Ashkenazy conducts in London

Royal Festival Hall
Thu 8 Dec 2011 7:30pm

Vladimir Ashkenazy


Valeriy Sokolov




Violin Concerto


Symphonie fantastique

Vladimir Ashkenazy

Berlioz composed his revolutionary masterpiece Symphonie fantastique a mere three years after his hero Beethoven’s death. The ultimate musical statement of the Romantic movement, it depicts “An Episode in the Life of an Artist”, Berlioz himself, in 5 parts, and describes a series of increasingly lurid and violent hallucinatory visions experienced by the artist under the influence of opium. In this evening’s concert it is conducted by Vladimir Ashkenazy and paired with Beethoven’s own Violin Concerto, regarded by many as the first great Romantic work for the instrument, performed by Valeriy Sokolov.

Source: Philharmonia Orchestra

Source: Philharmonia Orchestra
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