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Sun Honglei concerned about image in ’Warring States’

Actor Sun Honglei speaks at a ceremony that marks the launch of an official website for his new film "Warring States" Thursday, March 3, 2011 in Beijing. [Photo: Yahoo]

Veteran actor, Sun Honglei, who plays the ancient strategist, Sun Bin, in the upcoming "Warring States," is concerned about his long hair image in the film, the actor said.
All-star cast including Sun Honglei, Jing Tian, Francis Ng and South Korean actress, Kim Hee-Sun, attended the ceremony to mark the launch of its official website Thursday, March 3 in Beijing, Tianjin Daily reports Friday.

Actor Sun claimed, "Sun Bin" as the toughest role for him so far.

Although worried about the far-flying long hair of his character, Sun said he doesn’t want Sun Bin to be so stereotyped cool or handsome on screen, as written in the article on the newspaper.

In this costume film, the confrontation between military strategists Sun Bin and Pang Juan get escalated into large-scale battles during the Warring States, an era of about 475 BCE to 221 BCE and a period of unprecedented violence in the history.

Director Jin Chen disclosed on site that the film’s quality visual effects will give people true-to-life stunning experiences of ancient lighting war and still hunt.
He added the film with a heavy tinge of intelligent tactics will make people who watch the film feel like there in a process of constant brainstorming with lots of surprises.

"Warring States" will be screening on April 15.

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Source: China Cultural Industries

Source: China Cultural Industries
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