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Celebrate Valentine's Day with romantic movies



BEIJING, Feb. 1 (Xinhuanet) -- This Valentine’s Day, how about celebrating it with movies? Perhaps love is in the air, and all you need to do is to let the movies warm up the romantic mood.

Valentine’s Day is the perfect "Time to Love." Don’t keep yourself "Waiting Love." Take your beloved one to the cinema, or rent some DVDs. Create an "Eternal Moment" for her/him to remember. Tell her/him that you will always be there, that your love will cool her/him in "Hot Summer Days" and warm her/him throughout chilly winter nights. And don’t forget to say, Happy Valentine’s Day! And "I Love You!"

The poster of movie "Eternal Moment"


"Eternal Moment" (In Chinese "Jiang Ai")  

Director: Zhang Yibai

Starring: Xu Jinglei, Li Yapeng, He Jie, Wang Xuebing

Genre: Romance/Drama

Year: 2011


This film sequel to the 1998 hit TV drama "Cherish Our Love Forever", continues the unfulfilled love between Wen Hui (Xu Jinglei) and Yang Zheng (Li Yapeng), who after being separated for 12 years, meet each other again.

Source: Xinhua News
Source: Xinhua News Agency
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