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Urban comedy "Four Cupids" opens in Beijing

In Beijing, the urban romance comedy "Four Cupids" is premiering. The production features Alec Su, Yan Danchen, Yu Na, and Fan Ming. All the leading cast members showed up for the occasion.

"Four Cupids" tells a love story between an upper-crust urbanite and the single mother of quardruplets. Yan Dancheng, who portrays the lucky young woman, played opposite both Alec Su and Fan Ming.


"Four Cupids" is a story about the essence of true love. Alec Su plays a modern-day yuppie scared by the idea of marriage. But things take a drastic turn for him as he stumbles into the young mother with four cute little girls.

The movie is the only romantic comedy set to premiere in April. It promises to draw unprecedented attention for Alec Su's performance as a yuppie determined to avoid a long-term relationship. This is a first for the veteran singer/actor.

In making the movie, Alec Su experiences all the sweetness and sorrow of raising children. From avoiding kids whenever possible, he was converted into a devoted father eager to take on the responsibility.

The movie is to open across China on April the 9th.

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