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Talent show star to perform at Zuoxiaozuzhou's concert

"Happy Girl" star Zeng Yike will stage a guest performance at poet-musician Zuoxiaozuzhou's concert on March 19, which also guest stars Taiwan singer-songwriter Sandee Chan.

With Zeng Yike in attendance, Zuoxiaozuzhou's concert lineup may make a splash among music fans, for the eye-popping contrast between Zuoxiaozuzhou, an art pioneer in avant-garde music, and Zeng, a rising teen idol.

Zeng, who finished 9th in the 2009 "Happy Girl" talent show, made for one of the hottest entertainment topics in China last year, with her controversial off-key singing during the popular television competition.

Jury members, mostly experienced top-notch pop producers, were fiercely divided in their opinions of Zeng, who has a striking style in her original song craft while crooning in her squeaky-trembling voice, an unpleasant mismatch to her unique songwriting talent.

Despite floods of controversy, the 19-year-old singer received support and recognition from the pop industry. She was the first to release a studio album, which came out in December 2009, among the top ten "Happy Girl" finalists. In collaboration with A-list producer Gao Xiaosong, Zeng's debut album, "Forever Road", includes 10 songs she wrote and composed herself.

She also won the honor of "Best New Songwriter" at the 2009 Beijing Pop Music Awards.

Turning her hand to film, Zeng has joined pop veteran Leehom Wang's directorial debut "The Announcement of Love", which began shooting in February.

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