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Top five 2009 original music awards

The 2009 Chinese Original Music Awards brought together the most prominent musicians from across the mando-pop world. The spectacular ceremony proved to be a night of suspense, surprise, and fulfillment. Among the galaxy of entertainers, some certainly garnered more headlines than others. In today's Countdown, we review the five that gained the most attention.

No.5: Jay Chou, "Where Is The Happiness You Promised"

Jay Chau, who made few appearances on the mainland last year, was sensational at the awards ceremony. Although the singer spent most his time making movies last year, his solid reputation still helped him gain three honors -- Most Popular Male Singer in Asia Pacific, Best Singer and Songwriter, and the Country's Most Versatile Artist. He expressed his gratitude by performing "Where is the Happiness You Promised?", a tune honored as the country's best at the ceremony.

No.4: Fahrenheit, "Even More Love"

In the middle of the stellar gathering, the cute boys of Fahrenheit still managed to shine through. Their song "Even More Love" gained the award "Best Song in Hong Kong and Taiwan". They also received the honor of "Best Media Recognition in Taiwan" and "Best Dance Performance in Taiwan", as well as the "Best Pop Music Band in Asia Pacific". They received thunderous applause.

No.3: Angela Chang, "All Is Vanity"

2009 was an eventful year for Angela Chang. Now the singer successfully banished the troubles and worries of the past and returned to a life of happiness. At the awards ceremony, Angela Chang was honored as The Most Popular Female Singer of Taiwan, Most Welcome Singer Among DJ's, and Best Song in Taiwan, becoming the biggest winner among Taiwan's female singers.

No.2: Cheng Kun, "Thorns of Roses"

After three years dedicated to the big and small screen, Cheng Kun came back with an ambitious album. The collection titled "Riddle and Me" helped him bag three major awards. Among them: the Best Male Singer, Media Recognition, and Most Popular MMS Ringtone. The collection sold more than 55-thousand units within the first two weeks of its release, with three tunes remaining on the chart for weeks.

No.1: Eason Chan, "Here You Are"

Eason Chan, a veteran singer, carried away five major awards: Best Song in Hong Kong and Taiwan, Best Album in Hong Kong, Best Stage Performance, Most Popular Male Singer, and National Media Recognition. According to Eason Chan, he is planning his first European tour in early May. The ten-day concert will makes stops in London, Manchester, and Rotterdam.



Editor: Liu Fang | Source: CCTV.com
Source: CCTV.com    
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