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National Symphony Orchestra appoints new chief conductor

The National Symphony Orchestra hit the stage at the National Center for the Performing Arts in Beijing. They played under the baton of French conductor Michel Plasson, the newly-appointed principal foreign conductor for the troupe.

Sunday's concert marked the beginning of Plasson's seasonal collaboration with Chinese musicians.

Michel Plasson

The concert opened with the 19th century Belgian composer Cesar Franck's Symphony in D Minor. The packed house was enthralled by Plasson's conducting of the solemn piece.

Beethoven's timeless "Symphony No.7", another piece at the concert, was given a subtle interpretation, as Plasson agilely wielded the baton conducting the lively number that's rich in dance-like rhythms.

Michel Plasson, now 77 years old, is one of the most prominent conductors in the world. He has collaborated with a number of world renowned art troupes, including the Berlin Philharmonic and the Vienna Philharmonic.

Plasson once collaborated with the National Symphony Orchestra in 2008, performing French composer Hector Berlioz's Fantastic Symphony, winning rave reviews from both critics and audiences. This time around he was invited as the troupe's principal conductor, with a contract of ten concerts for 2010.

Michel Plasson, French conductor, said, "Any symphony orchestra around the world needs to work hard with tireless efforts. China, a magnificent country, should have an excellent symphony orchestra. And I'll spare no effort in helping them achieve the goal. "

Guan Xia, director of the National Symphony Orchestra, says he believes the participation of Michel Plasson will definitely stimulate the art troupe, into achieving a higher level of performance, at a faster pace, and grace.

Editor: Liu Fang | Source: CCTV.com

Source: CCTV.com    
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