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Classic Chinese play"Tea House" marks 600th show

BEIJING, March 14 -- Classic Chinese play, "Tea House", celebrated a magic milestone at the Capital Theater in Beijing on Wednesday. The drama staged its 600th performance more than half a century after it was written by renowned playwright, Lao She.

"Teahouse" has entertained generations of Chinese theater-lovers. The play explores diverse cross-sections of modern Chinese society in a familiar venue: a small teahouse.

Since its debut in 1958, the play has been a staple of the Beijing People's Art Theatre's repertoire. "Tea House" has set a new record in the history of the modern Chinese drama by reaching the 600-show milestone.

Stalwarts from the theater company - including director Jiao Juyin and actors Yu Shizhi, Zheng Rong and Lan Tianye - have built much of their careers on the fabled Chinese drama.

Lan Tianye, Actor, said, "I have been playing in "Tea House" for years. It is an epic play with a high degree of artistic condensation, conspicuous national characteristics and a strong sense of history and life."

Over the past years, "Tea House" has been readapted several times under the helm of different directors.

In 2005, the theater decided to revive the original version of the play directed by Jiao Juyin. The new production brought together all of the theater's current actors including Liang Guanhua, Pu Cunxin and Feng Yuanzheng.

Feng Yuanheng, Actor, said, "Even with a different cast, "Teahouse" never seems to lose any of its audience appeal. The everlasting charm of the play, I believe, is the epitome of our theater's long-standing vigor and vitality. "

"Tea House" has also been staged in various countries overseas, including Japan, Singapore, Canada and the US.

(Source: CCTV.com)

Editor: Deng Shasha

Source: CCTV.com
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