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Toufu Feast on Beijing outskirts

Located 92 kilometers from Beijing, Liugou village is a place where you can see a piece of history. There are remnants of old city walls and even some ancient temples. From above, the village is shaped like a phoenix, and thus has become known as "Phoenix County". It's also famous for local specialties "Toufu Feast" and "Hot Pot", which come complete with secret recipes.

Covering over 63,000 square meters, Liugou Village used to be an crucial gateway of the Juyong Pass during the Ming Dynasty. In those days, soldiers were stationed here to guard the imperial mausoleum of the Ming Emperor.

Liugou village is famous for local specialties "Toufu Feast" and "Hot Pot", which come complete with secret recipes.
But a recent boom of folk tourism has put the otherwise unknown Liugou on the tourist map. On the road to Liugou Village, you can easily spot the signs for"Toufu Feast".
Source: CCTV.com    


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