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Preliminary results of China's top 10 archaeological discoveries 2009

The path leading to the front door of Cao Cao's tomb(File photo).
The preliminary results of China's top 10 archaeological discoveries of 2009 have been announced. Cao Cao's tomb in Xigaoxue Village, Anyang, which received widespread attention, is on the list in third place with an impressive score.

According to sources, the preliminary results were voted on by an archaeologist panel organized by the State Administration of Cultural Heritage, 104 members of the Chinese Society of Archaeology and 63 enterprises qualified to conduct archaeological excavations. The 25 excavation projects were selected from the 60 candidates. The final selection will begin this June.

The office in charge of the selection sent out 170 ballots, and received 150 in return. Of the selected projects, the first-place project received 131 votes while the last-place project received only seven votes.

The site of the lower Xiajiadian culture discovered in Erdaojingzi Village, Chifeng in Inner Mongolia, the city site of the Western Zhou Dynasty in Chenzhuang, Gaoqing County in Shandong province, and Cao Cao's tomb in Xigaoxue Village, Anyang were ranked as the top three for their extensive attention and large archaeological value.

When it comes to the number of the projects on the list, Shaanxi, a city abundant in cultural heritage, took first place. Shaanxi has six excavation projects, including the excavation of the Kings' Tombs in the Western Han Dynasty, on the list. Henan, Hebei, Anhui, Zhejiang and Jiangsu provinces each have two projects on the list.

Together with Cao Cao's tomb discovered in Xigaoxue, the site in Lijiagou, Xinmi, which shows the transition between the Paleolithic Age and Neolithic age, is also on the list.

By People's Daily Online

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