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The Goddess of Mercy celebrated in Dunhuang

The Goddess of Mercy, known as Kwanyin in China, is revered as one of the traditional immortal deities. Recently a statue of Kwanyin was erected in the city of Dunhuang of Northwest China's Gansu Province. The impressive figure weighs in at around one thousand kilograms.

The statue was unveiled at the scenic spot of Mount Mingsha and Crescent Spring in Dunhuang. It was inspired by the mural paintings on the third cave of the Mogao Grotto complex. The statue of the deity is of 3.69 meters high and is made from gold, silver, and bronze.

A statue of Kwanyin was erected in the city of Dunhuang of Northwest China's Gansu Province
What's unique of the statue is that it features the Goddess of Mercy with exactly one thousand arms and one thousand eyes, and it's the largest of its kind so far in China.

It took sculptors three and half years to finish and perfect the statue.

The Goddess of Mercy is known internationally as Bodhisattva and is associated with compassion.

The statue is being displayed at the Thousand-Arm Grand View Garden, 30 meters west of the entrance to the Crescent Spring resort in Dunhuang.

Source: CCTV.com    
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