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Jameson:"Post-modernity" isn't out of date

In 1985, Jameson, a critic and theorist, visited Peking University and gave lectures for half a year to open a new window for Chinese scholars to know the world and the Western Marxism and postmodern culture research. 27 years later, most of the works of Jameson have become the basic research document in theory of literature and art, aesthetical studies, literary criticism and cultural criticism, culture research and cultural and political analysis in the age of globalization. The 78-year-old scholar came to Peking University again and brought his lecture The Aesthetics of Singularity: The Cultural Logic of Globalization, pointing out that globalization is the economic foundation of post-modernity and post-modernity is the superstructure of globalization. Even thirty years later, the concept of post-modernity isn’t out of date.

The lecture was sponsored by Peking University. More than 40 people from about 20 universities and institutions, including Peking University, Tsinghua University, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and Renmin University of China, attended the event.

Source: en.gmw.cn
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