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78 law postgraduates sued CUPL for scholarship cut

Seventy eight postgraduates majoring in law of China University of Political Science and Law (CUPL) filed a class-action administrative lawsuit against their university for not specifying the scholarship provisions in its admission brochure, and requested to pay back the scholarship “deprived” of them on Wednesday.

Changping District People’s Court dismissed the suit, with the excuse that CUPL is not an administrative organ, and cannot be applied to administrative proceedings.

School officials said that the decrease of scholarship was caused by the cancellation of appropriation from Ministry of Education, in response to the complaint of students.

The postgraduate admission brochure of CUPL says: “The scholarship for the year 2010’s new recruits amounts 9, 000 Yuan, and how much for the 2011 students to be determined.”

Many students claimed that they thought 2011’s scholarship would be the same as that of 2010, however, the fact turned out to be poles apart. There was a sharp decrease in 2011’s scholarship (2,000 Yuan), which triggered grievances among the students. On Dec. 12, 78 postgraduates filed the suit to Changping District Court to safeguard their own rights.

“What we want is not money, but evidence to show appropriation cancellation by Ministry of Education.” A student, one of those initiated the suit, said, “We hope to contribute to the more open and transparency of financial status on campus.”

Source: Sina English
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