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Confucius Institutes recruiting directors



Confucius Institutes recruiting directors


Yang Gang (right), director of the Confucius Institute at the University Mohammed V-Agdal in Morocco, introduces local students to Chinese paper-cuts on April 16. [Lin Feng / Xinhua]


BEIJING - As the number of Confucius Institutes increases in other countries, China plans to recruit 199 Chinese directors who will work in the non-profit organizations, teaching their language and promoting their native culture around the world.

From now until September 2012, the 199 people selected will be assigned to posts in which they will serve terms lasting from two to four years, a senior official of the Beijing-based Confucius Institutes Headquarters, surnamed Li, said on Thursday.

China has been establishing Confucius Institutes since 2004, and some of the Chinese directors appointed previously to the institutes are coming to the end of their terms in office, Li said.

Even though many will stay on to meet the growing demand for instruction in the Chinese language, about 150 new directors are still being sought to replace those leaving the posts, she said.

As for the remaining 49 people recruited, they will be sent to Confucius Institutes and classrooms opened recently in Chicago, Vancouver, France, South Korea and other places, according to a report by China News Service.

In the past, those who filled posts at the Confucius Institutes had been culled from among candidates recommended by Chinese universities. Now, though, members of the public will be recruited to fill the vacancies.

Candidates must be 55 years old or younger, have a Bachelor's degree or a higher degree and have at least five years of experience working in school management.

They should be prepared to serve both as directors and as teachers. And they must have knowledge about the place where they will teach, be adept at the language spoken there and be familiar with the local culture, according to the Confucius Institute Headquarters.

To secure one of the posts, candidates must submit applications before May 8.

Source: China Daily

Source: China Daily
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